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Digital antennas and set top boxes bring to your home DVD quality television.

Getting Your Home Ready For Digital

Digital ready antennas are available and competitively priced to existing analogue antennas. Another important factor for the installation is the cable and associated fittings. It is interesting to note that Terrestrial Digital and Satellite Pay TV should be to the same standard of installation.

A Digital System require products in the installation with a high screening factor to prevent the corruption of the digital signal and the loss in signal strength. Ultimately, if the signal loss is high or there is a poor signal at the end of the line, which is the TV outlet, you will see no picture at all on your new digital TV.

That's right none, there is no in between. With today's analogue signal, if there is a poor signal at the TV outlet, you will see a snowy or grainy picture and with the new digital system you either see a picture or you do not. Therefore, your existing installation which may have screw and saddle baluns, splitter, taps and existing fly leads, may need to be replaced with "F" type fittings. Existing cables may need to be replaced with RG6 quad coaxial cable . This is the recommended cable for your home, this one cable can carry Digital TV signals and Pay TV signals all in the same cable if required. It has high screening capabilities and low loss of signal.

The cost of a quality digital antenna installation is minimal in comparison to the outlay of your new digital TV or set top box, considering the amount of time the family spends in front of the TV set, to be entertained and kept in touch in current affairs from home and abroad.

The antenna installation in your home is like a conduit linking your Digital TV to the digital air waves and the outside world.

This is what the Digital Broadcast Association says:

The Digital TV forum is available via the following Link:

What is digital television?

Digital television is a replacement technology for existing free-to-air analogue services. It provides better picture quality and reception, plus a variety of new features that enhance the viewing experience.

The digital television industry in Australia is using the DVB standard, first developed in Europe, rather than the American-developed ATSC standard. DVB is proving to be a very high quality system and is being used in many countries around the world. In Australia it will replace the analogue PAL system.


What benefits will digital television provide?

Digital television is a far more efficient and flexible transmission system than the current analogue system. It allows broadcasters to offer viewers a range of new and different services. Australian digital television features will include

'Ghost free' reception

Wide screen 16:9 pictures

Standard Definition pictures (SD)

High Definition pictures (HD)

High quality audio and surround sound

Multi-channel programming on ABC and SBS

Closed Captioning of programs for the hearing impaired

Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) with 'now & next' program information

Multi-camera views and enhancements during selected programs

Viewer selectable 'Program Overlap', i.e. continue to watch the sporting event or switch to the scheduled news bulletin

Over time, interactive television services and data casting services, including selected Internet services, home shopping, computer games, etc will be provided by broadcasters and data casters.  


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